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Rapper, Dancer, Singer & Actor


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Name: Na Jaemin
Nickname: Nana
Date Of Birth: 13th August 2000
Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocal and Visual
Units: NCT Dream

Height: 176.5cm / 5'10 (2018)
Weight: 60kg / 132lbs (2018)
Shoe Size: 265mm (Size Men's 9 USA)
Ethnicity/Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac: Leo / Dragon
Siblings: None

Hometown: Jeonju, South Korea
Education: Cheongil Elementary School, Incheon Haweon Middle School, Seoul School Of Performing Arts (SOPA)

Jaemin dropped out of SOPA in 2016 due to idol activities. Took the Korean GDA in 2018.


In the sixth grade, Jaemin transferred to another school in the second semester.He said he wouldn't leave a dark past behind because he was going to be a celebrity.He was the type of kid who didn't even go out to school festivals.He liked doing things his way.He didn't respond to people who tried poke him.He really enjoyed playing rock-paper-scissors and a legs split game, he was seen everyday in the school hallway.He liked to eat and share Eundan (a candy which is similar to a breath mint).


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Q: How many people run this account?
One person

Q: When did you start supporting Jaemin?
I began supporting Jaemin in late 2015/early 2016.

Q: Where are you from? What are your pronouns? How old are you?
I live in the UK, she/her, and I'm the same age as Jaemin, just born earlier in the year.

Q: What is your favourite era? Your favourite song?
Go and Boom (for both)!

Due to confidentiality, I will not share full details about myself, please refrain from asking overly personal questions as this account is for Jaemin.


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